Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hey there everyone it’s been a long time. Boot camp wasn’t all fun but it was worth it becoming a US Marine. Man I had no idea this much can change in 3 months. It felt like I came back to Miami in the future lol. Well I was gone for three whole months so I couldn’t update. I haven’t gotten the time yet to put pencil to paper and create so I’ll just pull some stuff from my art reserved (photobucket) until I come up with sumthing new. So for now here are three girls; one for each month I was gone lol. :)

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Dan szilagyi said...

Hey man,

Thanks for stopping by! haha it does seem like forever since you've come by.
Thanks for the comment man, i don't think it's that i got better so much as trying out new stuff and having fun.

keep checking in as i'll update often as i can :)