Thursday, September 8, 2016

I'm still here I think.

Ok. Wow! So it's been like forever and a year since I posted anything on here. A lot of people I use to follow have left and never to return. I know I may be talking to tumble weeds but I'll still post these little bits that I have conjured up over the years. Since I've been away for so long I have quite a bit to post. Most of these aren't anime :( but it's something. -_-

The following is intended for mature audience only. View discretion is advise. (I've always wanted to say that :D)

These are some life art that I had to do for an assignment in class. Mr. Tepper was a great teacher. God bless his soul where ever he is.

                                           Yes that booty is real.
                                                  Yep all natural. I know cause she went to my church. lol

So I lied. There's is a tiny amount of anime. It's badass one vs badass two. But thats all I have for now. I'm working on a Harley Quinn pic that'll sure to knock your socks off. So make sure you're wearing socks. lol

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