Friday, November 30, 2007

Anime pic

This is just a pic that I drew and colored using Photoshop; I'm not an expert yet but I'm getting. So I'm just gonna post it there for everyone to see. Tell me what you think, your advice and constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated.


RoB said...

Thank you so much for coming by my blog! I totally appreciate the friendly and supporting words.

Your drawing is great! One little suggestion that might bring this drawing out more is to maybe foreshorten the leg that is up in the area so you can create more depth using force perspective. Your hand came out so so, its always hard to draw them so great job there! This is a great start, I hope you post more in the future!


dan szilagyi said...

Its never too late to become a good artist, just pick up as much from everyone as you can and use it to your benifit.

as for this drawing, i might have lowered that leg and have it tuck in next to the other because the pose doesn't seem natural, always think when you draw a character doing a realistic pose if that pose isn't natural or just seems out of place then probably don't do it, i like her hands covered by hair at some points.
best thing to learn from is draw poses from mags or even people if you can.

good job though, just keep drawing away, try doing some mini thumbnails before you do a full size drawing and see if that helps.


anime2000 said...

Rob: No thank you Rob! It's an honor to have you commenting on my pic. I greatly appreciate the suggestions. And I will post more in the future.

Dan szilagyi: wow another professional artist post in my blog. What you said it right dan and eairler on when I was drawing the pic I saw the same mistake but it was too late to fix it, or I didn’t want to. But all in all I saw this mistake way at the end.