Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hello everyone, it's been a while since I post here. Oh Happy New Year to all. I have some new doodles I was doing but their nothing special. Thanks Rob and dan for commenting on the previous pic, but I don't really think I'm willing to change it. I guess next time I'll just be more careful to see my mistakes more earlier.


Dan szilagyi said...


thanks alot for stopping by again and taking a look at some of my stuff, yeah the orochimaru tongue does look a bit weird, that's because i couldn't flatten the tongue texture i put on it inside photoshop, oh well.
nice post, i like the top one, the poses are much better! its clear and has a good silhouette.
watch the armour on the one dude, you can see his shoulder armour is not in perspective, easily can be fix though.

if you want to get better at poses and such look at some artists who are really good with it, copy their drawings as well, but try and understand what they are doing while you draw them.
some good stuff to check out: danger girl,fathom,fairytale,any of alex ross' art as well.
I'll add you to my links as well.

cheers and hope it helps!

anime2000 said...

Thanks dan, I really appreciate the good advice. I'll try to find posse of real people who match the pic I want to draw. The thing I need help most of ALL is shadowing. I only have a really BASIC idea on where to put shadows. Things like faces, clothes, and backgrounds are extremely difficult for me to do. Oh thanks for the names of the peoples blog I should check out. There is only one problem; I'm new here and don't really know how to fully find my way around to other peoples blog. But if you can find or if you know anyone who's good at shadowing them let me know. Oh I almost forgot, thank for adding me to your links; if only I know how to add you to mines.