Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thanks dan and Rob for the kind words. I'll have some new art up soon, but in America it's hard to find time, even to take a piss you have to be in a hurry the amount of crap you have to do *sigh. Oh well not much I can do about it except keep it up for the rest of my life. This pic is old and from back when I was in middle school. For some reason I can't seem to upload any more pic than this one "worst fuc*&$# day ever" the stupid site is saying that it's sorry for this error and they're trying to correct it. Anyways I drew this back in middle school it's from one of the cover of a How to draw Manga book. I use to check them out at my library until now there are all gone, who knows what happen to them. Hope you guys like the pic sorry I couldn't upload anymore.


Dan szilagyi said...

hey man,

nice post, i had the same problem as you before for posting, just try again later its usually ok by then.
for adding links, if you go under your dashboard ( after you log in) you'll see layout,setting etc go under "layout" and go to your links section, it'll ask you for the link address, be sure to click the button on the bottom after you add the link.
as for doing shadows, i suggest not doing them just yet, for all intents and purposes shading should only be done after you learned your form, i.e learn to draw bodies and faces etc before learning shading, you'll need to know how the human body looks and where the curves are to be able to know how the light falls on the subject and casts shadow.
the best thing to do is either take some fine arts to get a handle on still life drawing which focuses on light/shade and forms and then as well to take and do lots of it, is life drawing ( i.e drawing naked people from life) hopefully where you live you can go to such a place, most art schools should have such classes.
I also suggest staying away from anime at this point, most ( not all) anime and manga are very flat and not 3D, so just try and learn the basics, style comes with time, so no need to rush and worry about it.
but if your really in a rush or you want to see a really skilled person with shade google an artist called Alex Ross, he did tons of marvel and DC comic book work, he paints but uses lots of dramatic lighting for his work.

hope this all helps out

RoB said...

Great post dude! Sorry to hear about the technical problems, it happens but keep on posting.

Keep them coming!


anime2000 said...

dan: Thanks! I first started out drawing anime characters and it has become like second nature to me. Now that I've seen some of Robs and your works, I feel like taking a step in a new direction. Beside, it’s better to have more than one style of drawing. I have some sketches of a pregnant female (but it's in anime style) that I drew from earlier on I'll upload them soon. Oh I'll add your link on my blog as soon as possible. Right know I'm in school so... yeah.

Rob: Thank it's always a pleasure to view your blog so make a new post already!! :)

About that technical difficulty I was dealing with, it was just the highlight of one of my worst day ever. But it seems like it's continuing today, just got an Xbox from my cousin two days ago that doesn’t seems to be working right now, all those games and nothing to play them on.

Dan szilagyi said...


cool thanks for the link up, it does work so that's good.
yeah good to hear that you are willing to learn some new styles, i started off drawing anime myself, everything that i liked at the time like DBZ and gundam wing, but as i learned more you start to see anime and manga is good but it starts to look a like in most cases, so i'm quite happy with north amercian artists at this point, of course i have tons of anime and manga artist works saved for refrence.
check out these guys:

these are artists and art works that i like.
anyway yeah i look forward to your new post.