Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Not much going on here

Sorry it's been a long time since I made a new post. I don't really have that much people visiting my blog. And I don’t really have that much time on my hands. But despite all of these obstacles I’ll still try harder to make more recent posts. Thanks again Dan for everything and always visiting. Without further delay here are some pics. I made up all of them except the last one. The first one I tried to draw in a different style other than anime but it still came out too close. Everything thing else is all anime. Drawing anything else other than anime is way out of my comfort zone, believe it or not, the first pic was more difficult to draw than the rest of my drawings.


Dan szilagyi said...

Hey man,

I hear you, but you know you'll get better at drawing if you do step outside your "comfort zone" it takes some time but after a while its well worth it.

just keep at it and try and draw as much as you can, in every style you can.


RoB said...

Hey Dude!~

WOW, first off, great POST!!!! I have to agree with Dan, its great to explore and try new things to get into a great drawing groove and to build confidence. It will not be over night and it takes a lot of hard work. But I have no doubt that you will be awesome dude. WOW! Just awesome post!!! Well done sir! The angle wings girl is just Awesome!!!I hope you keep posting more soon. I look forward to it!


anime2000 said...

Dan: Thanks! Easier said than done though. But I will persist.

rob: Awww shucks... Thanks rob. I know it won't be over night to reach your stature but I'll get their eventually.

Dan szilagyi said...

Hey man,

thanks for the kind comment! I'am feeling much better and its good to be back on blogger.

just keep at this dude! i forgot to mention the angel wing girl reminds me alot of that one scene from the end of EVA movie

Anonymous said...

Thats some KickAss skill you got!