Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Just some doodles

Hey everyone it's been a while. Um... not much to say. I'm still looking for a job and all. No luck yet, but I'll keep trying. So glad to hear you got better dan, hope you stay that way. Any ways I don't have much to say so here are some more anime and a non anime style I tried but I didn't get to finish because um... well here it is along with some other old doodles
I just wanted to get the feel of drawing a poster like pic.
I suck at drawing mecha. I tried to make up my own gundam. There's so much mistakes its unbeliveable.

Practicing my animation

Ur um...just wanted to see if I could draw something like what I saw in a PediaSure magazine.


Dan szilagyi said...

Hey man

thanks for the comment, and thank you i'am feeling much better trust me you don't ever want to have what i did!
anyway you have some nice work up, i have to say i never did try much robot/mech stuff i'm not too good with it as its lots of boxes and angles and i don't have much of a math mind, but your going in a good step doing lots of stuff so keep that up, good luck on the job search, what are you looking to do?

cheers dude~

RoB said...

Hey dude,

Keep your head up, you will get your break to land a job. Great set of sketches here. I really like the girl on the first post. Here eyes drew me into her..hehe. Great stuff bro and don't worry someone will give you a job.


anime2000 said...

dan: thanks! Your right, I don't what you had. Yea mech is always a challenge. Thanks for the good luck.

Rob: Thanks, I'll make sure to look up I don't want to bump into something. lol :) Thanks for the complement on my first cartoony art. I come visit some time.