Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's been a long while

I almost forgot I had a blog. This summer is quite an interesting one. Any ways I haven't been drawing much so I don't have anything new to upload but I have some old pics I found in my drawer. I apologies for my absence.


Dan szilagyi said...

Good to see you still posting on here man, thanks for stopping by.

Hope your summer was good


Dan szilagyi said...

Sure man, I'd love to help out, let me know what i can do :)

anime2000 said...

Thanks dan! I did have a somewhat of a good summer, although it’s been a while since I posted here but I'm gonna try to see if I can do better than this. Thanks for agreeing to help me with my capstone research paper; it's a really easy thing on your part, you might not even do any thing so don't worry about it.