Monday, April 21, 2008

Little Post

Another new post but no new style. I guess I'm too attach to drawing like this. Anyway I just made a banner for my blog. Being a beginner at Photoshop and all, I'll have to say it turn out pretty good. Tell me what you think of it; I use the same dark sea angel pic I have on here. The military pic is from another magazine I drew it from. Everything else I made up. I'm also trying to draw real people. Don't what's up with this blog but some pic I can't click to enlarge them. oh well. Oh congrats on the Eye Candy rob.


Dan szilagyi said...

Hey man,

nice work on the banner! i think it adds something to your blog for sure, i need to get on making one for myself too one of these days.
good post, keep at it dude!

thanks for stopping by


anime2000 said...

Thanks dude. Sorry it took so long to respond. I'll be stopping by to check out your art soon. Thanks againg for stopping by.